Top 12 courses after 12th Science

Students with a science background have many options to choose after 12th grade. In addition to opting for a science related field, they can even pursue careers in other fields like commerce and the humanities.

courses after 12th science

Here are some courses to take after 12th grade:

  1. Bachelor of Science: The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is a three year undergrad programme, though in some places it extends to 4 years. In the UK, a 3 year B.Sc. is considered a Minor Bachelor, and a 4 year B.Sc. is considered an honours Bachelor. The programme is divided into various specialisations such as: Physics, chemistry, statistics,biology, mathematics, Computer science, microbiology, biotechnology, psychology, and many more.
  2. Engineering: If you have an interest in engineering, you can opt for it. The various specialisations included in engineering are: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, food engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, electronic engineering, and many more. Engineering is a four to five year course, depending on the specialisation.
  3. Medicine: The medical field is one of the toughest courses after 12th grade. If you are keenly interested and is ready to sacrifice your youth for it, you can opt for medicine. Medicine include MBBS (bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery) 5 year course and BDS (bachelor of dental surgery) 4 year course.
  4. Pharmacy: If you are looking for anything apart from medicine, then a bachelor’s in pharmacy is a great option. After studying this course, you can work as a pharmacist. A bachelor’s in pharmacy is a 4 year course.
  5. Biotechnology: A programme that combines biology and technology is called biotechnology. This is a 4 year course.
  6. Agriculture: Bachelor of science in agriculture and bachelor of science in horticulture are the two popular options in this field. If you are interested in becoming an agriculture engineer, agronomist, horticulturist, etc., you can go into this field. This is a 4 year to 5 year course, depending on the specialisation you choose.
  7. Nursing: A B.Sc. in Nursing is the course option for working in the healthcare sector. This is a 4 year course.
  8. Bachelor of Computer Application: BCA is a popular and in demand course. After studying BCA, you can work in the IT field. BCA is a three year undergraduate programme.
  9. Bachelor of Design: The Bachelor of Design is a three year programme. If you are a creative person, you can specialise with a B.D. in fashion design, graphic design, Interior design, etc.
  10. Bachelor of Architecture: If you are talented with drawing and have an interest in drawing buildings and structures, this course will be suitable for you. B.Arch. is a 5 year course.
  11. Bachelor of Business Administration: BBA is a three year course. This is a business related field. If you are not interested in opting for science related courses, this is a better course.
  12. Bachelor of Commerce: BBA is a three year course. This is a business and accounting related field. If you are not interested in opting for science related courses, this is a better course

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